Invite Inspire to Your Community

      ” I have a vision :  I want to visit  amazing communities all across Canada;  meeting the inspirational women that call these places home;  hear their stories;  and celebrate them in the Inspire project ”  –  Heather Doughty  – founder INSPIRE :  The Women’s Portrait Project

      Why Bring Inspire to Your Community ?      

      • The chance to celebrate 25 deserving local women
      • Nominations are completely organic and community driven which builds, renews and strengthens the sense of community in an area
      • Meet the Women of other communities through a photographic exhibition of Inspire portraits
      • Listen to some of the stories;  hear the Inspire story,  and ask questions about the project from Inspire Project founder  Heather Doughty  –    up to 3 speeches or workshops
      • Connect your community to other communities across the Canada which can lead to increased opportunity for businesses, idea sharing, community support.
      • Best reason :  Inspire is a complete feel good,  positive, empowering celebration …    who wouldn’t want that to come to their community ? 

      Please email  to inquire about the steps to bring Inspire to your community