Hajni  Hos

      Executive Director  –  New Canadians Centre, Peterborough

      Hajni’s  Words :          Eclectic          Humourous           Spiritual


      Hajni’s Story :

      I don’t fit in a box.
      I am Canadian but I am also Hungarian (Canadian during the winter Olympics and Hungarian during the summer Olympics).
      I am a mom, lead a non-profit, but I am also a lawyer and a teacher. I lead a community choir. I moved to the other side of the world because of a handsome fellow with a good heart.
      I treasure my kids, husband (the handsome fellow), family and friends.
      I work with amazing people at the New Canadians Centre who put their hearts into their work and who inspire me every day.
      I learned 6 languages and don`t speak any of them properly.
      I love people, music, humour and sheep. I love to cook and I love to love. I am a cancer survivor. My faith is my strength and humour is my tool. I am way too direct and blunt.
      I have a huge Hungarian accent, a love to play Bach piano pieces (I know that’s weird), and look out if you are my friend on April fool’s day.  
      I don’t fit in a box.