Grace Mahoney

      Living in Colour :   Fibre Artist   &   Expressive Arts Coach

      Designer :   Griffins  Greenhouse

      Sales Representative :    Needles in the Hay 

      Grace’s  Words :     Creative       Encouraging     Eclectic

      Grace’s  Story : 

      I am addicted to growth.  The more opportunities I have to encourage it the happier I am.

      I live for change.  If it isn’t working how can I make it work.

      I love a challenge as long as it doesn’t include running.

      I make meaning.  Everything I create tells a story.

      I see potential.  I don’t just see what is there but what it might be.

      I am not afraid of looking ridiculous. I am good at it.

      My inner child is a 7 year old who likes to get dirty and tell terrible jokes.

      I always have dirt, paint or sap stuck on my hands.

      I have lived darkness which is why I look for the light.

      I believe people are creative, resourceful, and whole.  I love to help people recognize it in themselves.

      I create opportunities for people to have fun together.

      I am attracted to colour in nature, fibres and paint. It motivates and inspires me.

      I work hard, think deep, laugh loud, hug with my whole heart, smile with my whole face, sit quietly and live happily with the mess.