Danielle  Dickenson 

      Marketing Coordinator Community Futures Peterborough

      Danielle’s  Words :       Dedicated          Resourceful        Authentic

      Danielle’s  Story :

      I had a great deal of trouble writing this bio.

      Ask me to write an article, social media post, or new office policy and I’m all over it.

      But to write about myself? Well that’s difficult.

      I try to live my best life. I work hard, I try to help everyone at all times as much as I can, and I try not to be too hard on myself.

      I have depression and anxiety, many people don’t know that.

      They also don’t know that for 9 months of my life I could not get out of bed.

      Yes, I was one of those people. The ones that people judge and say “Why can’t they snap out of it?”

      Depression and anxiety are mental illnesses. And like all illnesses sometimes they get the better of you for a while.

      They can kick your butt, strap you into bed, and they are in control.

      It takes strength to fight against a bully, an oppressive system, or a series of unfortunate events.

      Imagine the strength it takes to fight against your own mind and feelings.

      I fought.

      I still fight almost daily.

      And while my depression and anxiety do not define me, they are a part of me that I am unashamed of.

      When I was nominated for this project I was surprised and delighted.

      And in writing this bio I didn’t know what I wanted it to be about.

      What part of me should I showcase in this project?

      So I show you this, I am strong but I am also incredibly weak.

      I know you have these moments too, so know you are not alone. Help is out there if you just reach out for it.

      I leave you with this advice:

      Live YOUR Best Life

      Work Hard

      Try to Help People

      Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself