“We come together as women who are, more or less,
      alive to the high duties and opportunities
      which are ours in virtue of our being women…
      ….and how can we best describe this woman’s mission in a word?
      Can we not best describe it as ‘mothering’, in one sense or another?
      We are not all called to be mothers of little children,
      But every woman is called on to ‘mother’ in some way or another.
      And it is impossible to overlook
      what a great work of ‘mothering’ in a special sense
      is committed by the women of Canada.”
      The Countess of Aberdeen
      National Council of Women, 1894


      The kitchen table.

      French Provincial antique. Vintage chrome-legged with gawdy vinyl and thumbtack trimmings. Homestead harvest with wear marks and plate scuffs. IKEA Stornas page six.

      Doesn’t matter.

      When  women gather, the kitchen table is more powerful than a majesty’s throne,  a round table of knights or a stodgy suited boardroom slab with swivel chairs.   The kitchen table is where large ideas dripping of promise manifest from coffee grounds and spilled sugar into compelling sources of inspiration.   The kitchen table becomes a tool of transformation to those who rest their elbows upon its collective expanse.

      Inspire: The Women’s Portrait Project was born the old way. It was born at a kitchen table. It was born out of conversation and passion and comradery. It was born out of positive light and reinforcement, not resentments and inequalities and injustices.

      It was born to serve as a reminder to all Spectacular-Average-Run-of-the-Mill-Daily-Grind-Out-There-Doing-It kind of women that their passion and purpose does not go unnoticed.

      This platform – this visual and poetic narrative – is a gift back to you. It is a gift from our kitchen table to yours.

      Read their stories. Look in their eyes.

      When we all take time to appreciate the wonder of the human experience, the world simultaneously gets smaller while our collective universe expands.

      Enjoy your time at our table.

      Paula Cassidy –  Freelance Writer / Sammich Maker

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