Abeer  Al-Salihi

      New Canadians Centre, Peterborough

      Abeer’s  Words :   Compassionate          Optimistic          Inspirational

      Abeer’s Story :

      I am a Syrian Woman and I chose Canada and made it my family final destination.
      I am a Muslim woman and proud of my colourful hijabs.
      I am a wife of a lovely Iraqi man and a mom of 2 kids who are teaching me new things every day.
      I am an engineer and a teacher and have lots of friends.
      I work at the New Canadians Centre because I believe in diversity, equality and I aspire to help everyone to be happy.
      I love life and I hope can make myself and others around me happy and cheerful.
      I like to cook and encourage people to try what I make and leave them with no choice only to praise it.
      I enjoy shopping for myself and others especially when I find a good deal.
      Making people happy is my joy, their stability is my delight and their success is my reward.
      I speak Arabic and I am still learning English through my colleagues at work and my friends in life.
      I call myself fortunate, blessed and felicitous because of God’s mercy and the wonderful people around me.